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Originally Posted by Chain View Post
martin-flash and lord-spider

try, they have accounts here too and you can see how much profit they have by simply re-selling it on egay

fuck them
And what about that Amigakit eh?

I used to do exactly the same thing several years ago - logging onto to buy Amiga hardware cheaper than was available on I'd then sell off my excess stuff and buying slightly higher spec with the money - I slowly climbed the hardware ladder, with several snakes on the way where hardware was broken, or on its last legs. It was the only way - as a student - that I could afford to upgrade.

If I see a ridiculous bargain on Ebay I sometimes still do the same - if the transactions are honest, what is your problem with it?

What I DON'T do is PM people offering a pittance for their valuable hardware, misrepresenting the value so that I can acquire it and make a huge profit, but then I doubt that LordSpider does that either. Having seen many of his auctions over the years, he is usually selling good quality gear. From his feedback I'd say that everyone is happy. Except you and Alex of course :

OT - Does anyone know if Lordspider and LortMulat one and the same? Auctions and user names are disturbingly similar.. /OT


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