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Post Drake, Twin and platformgames

Aargh - you are right! The game is called Crazy Drake! How could I forget it! I still must have this DOS-game somewhere on floppies. Maybe I will manage to get it running under Windows XP -... nah, looking at my experiences with DOS games in XP I think it won't work

You wrote about my choice for Evil Twin:
Considering all of those problems for that game, how did it ever make it to your Top 4 ever platform games list?!?
I know, I know. Every sane person in this world would loathe Evil Twin because of its horrible bugs but I don't - I have a love/hate relationship with it. Despite its cumbersome controls, bugs and crashes the game oozes graphics quality and imagination.
I have been playing it since January this year which is quite an archievement since I normally don't play games longer than a month. Overall there are 70 levels with each one having different graphics which perfectly suit the unique atmosphere. This might explain why it eats up 1500 Megs from my HD and still needs my CD-rom.
All elements that are typical for a platformgame are further explored in Evil Twin like the 'blowing leafs'-effect of Turrican 2 world 2-2, rotating platforms and Dragonball-Z type of weapons. The game continuously manages to surprise me with new challenging environments to conquer and admire which is rather unique for a PC-game.
The programmers have put so much time and effort in this game that it really shows. I just wished they had put more time in solving the bugs -it would have made THE best platformgame ever.

I don't recall the PC ever being very good at this genre. The few successful attempts that did exist were DOS games, not Windows. PC games just aren't known for the smooth, fluid movement that are platforme games.
I have to disagree with you. Your statement would be true eight years ago in the 486DX era, but nowadays PCs can play any platformgame fluidly because of pure processing power.
I am afraid softwarepublishers do not earn enough profit with a platformgame so they rather stick to the zillionth Doom or Command and Conquerer clone. So in the end the games-buying public is to blame.
The kiddies rather show their friends a 3D FPS like Soldier of Fortune 2 with all of its blood and gore turned on to the maximum than another 'cute' platformgame.
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