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Re: Re: Some more games...

Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost

I don't recall the PC ever being very good at this genre. The few successful attempts that did exist were DOS games, not Windows. PC games just aren't known for the smooth, fluid movement that are platforme games.
...but quite a few of the Amiga platformers work pretty well under emulation, which indicates a peecee can manage it. Maybe not as well as an Amiga (hardware sprites, hardware scrolling, blitter etc.), but a decent graphics card should have enough 2D stuff to cope.

Best Platformer though?
- Superfrog
- Magic Pockets
- there's loads I'm missing here, but they've probably been listed already

Sega Master System
- Alex Kidd in Miracle World.
- Sonic

Dragon 32 (ah, the memories)
- Chuckie Egg (does this count? If so, add donkey kong too)
- Manic Miner

Sega Megadrive:
- Rocket Knight Adventures (nobody else bought this it seems)
- Sonic 2
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