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OMG no way!

Here I was updating my wikipedia page for HydraIRC (my irc client, always did like writing comms software '/me points at HydraBBS') and I thought, what comes up when I search for "Dominic Clifton" in google and lo and behold this thread came up!

And, this ancient thread has actually been posted to within the last few hours! weird coincidences, I love em.

Glad to see you lot are all still around, I guess a quick status update from me would be apt.

I used to be in Bournemouth, yes, though I've been in London for the last 8 years now (crikey), not married (yet) - g/f currently in China.

These day's I'm busy with php and java coding, along with tinkering around with OpenWRT ( and Lego Mindstorms.

You're never too old for Lego. Why just the other day I made this: [ Show youtube player ]



Anyway, keep an eye on over the coming months - my new php5 OO framework.

I also tinker with RC cars too, find me on if you're into RC's.

Oh, and my other passions are Mountain Biking and Snowboarding. Currently riding Orange Patriot 66 '06 and a GNU Altered Genetics '07 for those that care.

I'm on facebook too, i think there's only one other Dominic Clifton on there right now and I'm the London one.

Oh, and back to Amiga stuff for a sec...

I was down in Bournemouth visiting my parents a month or so ago, found out they threw out my A1200 that used to run Utopia! on HydraBBS What's worse was find my brothers old A500 that had coffee spilled on it in a drawer in my old room. Bah! My A1200 had a nice Microbotics 68030 board in it to sob sob..

Still, at least my CDTV (yes, I said CDTV, someone had to own one) was still all present and correct apart from, annoyingly, it's remote control, which was stolen along with my PSX and 3DO when some git burgled my old flat.

I had great fun in trying out some old amiga demo disks. Red Sector Megademo being a classic. And a few Crusaders music disks.

Popped into the loft and i must have hundreds of floppies in there, what's crazy is that most of them worked when I tried them! Not like PC 3.5" disks these days that you get to use like once, and it works, then use it in a different machine only for the disk never to work ever again. They don't make em like they used too.

Alan, (it is Alan right alewis) that place we went to was Digital Symposium '95 IIRC. I think Geoff (Horror) took a video on VHS and I think I have a copy of that still somewhere. I'll *have* to dig it out at some point!
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