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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Dreamwarrior was called James but he could barely see his own nose he was so blind.
That's just brought back the memory of watching him with his faced all-but squeezed against the monitor while he was downloading from the boards.

Originally Posted by Aby$$
I remember a slipstream party here in Bournemouth which was... hmm.. well you had to be there.
I remember that one quite fondly. Looked back at the Slipstream demo released afterwards. A bit of a shock to see myself looking all young and sprightly. They mistook me for Hydro in the text (I'm the sad looking bugger in the, oh dear God no, MTV t-shirt). The 'Some other lamer' was Raster if I remember the text correctly.

Mind you, we got Dan back for that, as well as his 'Oh no, not Anthrox' comment. The git.

Try typing 'DAN' into the user interface in Sploosh. An, ahem, 'top secret' code that we didn't tell anyone. Honest guv.

Originally Posted by Aby$$
A guy some of you may know on here and another cnetter Sinbad (Dave)
He was a talented so-and-so. Had him in Anthrox for a bit and he came up with a mod playing routine that would run in 2 raster lines.

Wasn't there an SAE demo that listed his 'top five recreational chemicals'?

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