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Originally Posted by Dary View Post
AmigaSYS is back + E-UAE version released. the old webpage...

AmigaSYS project did not closed, only the old webpage was replaced by a newer version. At the uploading and testing stage, we met some error (server) and that's why we late.

The page changed a lot, not only in visual, but in content too. More clear, more understable descriptions, nicer pictures, more comfortable browsing, deleted unnecessary things. Maybe there is some flaws, but i will fix them, and i feel the AmigaSYS community got a more dynamic and more viewable page. I only could say, look around, because a lot of things are changed. (Completed AmigaSYS history, Videos, etc..)

AmigaSYS 4 E-UAE:

Meanwhile the AmigaSYS 4 E-UAE versions are released (AmigaOS4, MOS, Mac, Linux), with detailed description, pictures, you can read in the right sided menu...

AmigaSYS 4 next version: AmigaSYS 4 AGA - Amiga 1200/4000.

(Reload page, CTRL+RELOAD)


Bravo, you had us worried for a while there. Nice suprise, like the new site, .
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