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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Why do you guys have to be such trolls? If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. How discouraging to these awesome guys who are trying their hardest to serve a community that is so full of ungrateful skeptics.

This negetivity is only hurting the Amiga community. Please try and be more positive! Think of how good it would be if we really do get these awesome new Amigas that can run all the classic software as well as being capable of so much more, and it'll be cheaper than a second hand Amiga from eBay. It may be wishful thinking, but sometimes if you're really positive about something, you get what you wish for.
Ever heard of humor? Do you know that your life will be longer if you smile?? (and you might need this if you know more about amiga community and projects related to good ol' amiga )

As for positive thinking, I still positively think that you'll be able to get good gaming rig + Wii for price of this new system, and of course if this ever get released. Isn't that optimistic??

@ HenryCase - how's thing with Bill's signature negative or critical?? Come on, it's we're talking about - think a bit postive!
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