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My drives are. Installed in a full tower.

2 x 320 Gbyte SATA
2 x 160 Gbyte SATA
2 x 120 Gbyte IDE
2 x 16 speed DVD writers
1 x 250 Mbyte zip drive
1 x 1.4 Mbyte floppy
1 x 80 Gbyte external USB drive
2 x external 16/32 Gbyte CF drives mainly for Amiga forever and transfers to Amiga

I just was looking yes that seems to be all the installed drives. At least at the moment, sometimes I fit a SCSI card and then have another 7 drives available. Power supply is a 1000 watt. The whole thing is cooled down with 7 speed controlled fans and the CPU does not use a fan but a proper centrifugal blower looks like a jet engine. Uses of course plug in drive cards to take care of the drives. Its really not that much storage, a bit over 1 terrabyte. But its filling up slowly. Remember my first drive an IBM monstrosity, 5 Mbytes did cost 6000 dollars and lasted 5 month, of course was outside the case and looked like a small drum. How times have changed.

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