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Cool Some more games...

I love most platformgames but there are some favourites:
1. Turrican series, Rainbow Arts, 1990-1993 (Amiga): Some people would argue Turrican is more a cross between shoot-‘em-up and action, but for me this is a platformgame at its best. Lots of huge enemies, general fast pace and a certain need to finish one more level.
2. Rainbow Islands, Graftgold/Ocean, 1989 (Amiga): As cute as a game can get. The shooting rainbows-principle makes this game a classic in my opinion.
3. Super Drake, Unknown company, 1996 (PC): I think this game is very rare on PC. It is a multidirectional scrolling platform game like Alladin & Lion King starring a blue would-be super-duck. Lovely animations, sound effects and gameplay make this a classic although it is a bit easy to finish.
4. Evil Twin, In Utero/UBI Soft, 2001 (PC): Most underestimated game of 2001! Magazines raved about this 3D platform game but Joe Public simply did not buy it. The game is extremely bugged (especially in WinXP). ‘Drunken’ camera-movements, crashes, a headless hero: name any possible bug and Evil Twin will deliver. The game is however a platform-fan’s dream come true. It is beautiful, huge and features all typical platform-tricks seen in other games and even adds more to it.
The subtitle of the game is Cyprien’s Chronicles and I sincerely hope a sequel is underway. If developer In Utero manages to get rid of all the bugs, the sequel to Evil Twin could possibly become king of all platformgames.

Seeing the many responses in this thread it looks like platformgames are very popular with gamers. Why is it then that so few platformers are released on PC? Only Rayman M, Evil Twin, Akimbo and Woody Woodpecker have seen the light the past 8 months.
Is it because gamers are ashamed to buy these typical games for kiddies or what?
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