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Originally Posted by HenryCase View Post
But Thomas Hirsch and the Natami team have, to my knowledge, not broken any promises they made to the Amiga community in the past, so you're basing your criticism of them on the poor track record of OTHER PEOPLE. Can you not see how absurd that is?

I'm not asking you to be excited. If you can't offer constructive criticism it would be best to try and ignore the project IMO. Be positive, give advice, or shut up, that's what I'm asking for.
Now now, no need to be rude. Thats the sign of someone who has lost the argument. There is no LAW that says I have to be "positive" (read over-optimistic), "give advice" (sure, my advice is not to hold your breath on this one) or "shut up" (come on then, make me.. thats the kind of silly response you want?)

Just cos someone doesn't agree with you when you wanna fart sunshine about a project that has not delivered a product or anything yet doesn't mean we are not allowed to express our opinion.

Free speech and all - unless you'd rather we only say stuff YOU approve of. It's the internet man, not a Police State!
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