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Originally Posted by FromWithin View Post
After the Sony buyout, we got lumped in with Sony Imagesoft in the U.S. and started doing loads of film tie-ins. It probably would have been impossible to can it due to having paid all the licensing fees and everything. I don't think quality was considered. We just had to get a game done. The Mega-CD version was the lead.
The influence of Sony Imagesoft was very detrimental to the Psygnosis name.

I'm very confident that had Sony not bought out Psygnosis and a couple of development teams presented Last Action Hero and Dracula for publication, the management of Psygnosis would have told them to 'jog on', 'not good enough'.

It's always irked me to this day that Sony closed down the name of Psygnosis, twas one of the strongest software brand names out there, in fact most of Psygnosis's early stuff on Playstation is what sold it in Europe.
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