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Just one question.

How many of you will pay 30£ for an Amiga 1200 AGA on floppy disks.

I don't think many will do this, when you can play the old game for free. And they are still great.

2D is nice for gameplaying. I like all the old stuff. BUT to make new games on a standard a1200 is plain stupid.

But the dream is nice. I dream of what the world would have looked like if Commodore (RIP) had won the battle against PC. And the Amiga had been the leading computer today.
No Bill Gates, No stupid windows conflicts etc.
Imagen great multiplaying battle of Chaos Engine over the internet. World cup Sensi Soccer. Tomb Raider starring Dizzy. Rainbow Island 12.

Then I wake up and discover my pants are wet. My PC freeze 5 times pr hour. And I'm beaten by a 10 year old in Counter Strike.
Life Sucks.
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