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Dary you don't understand how you are very important to me for my Amiga 1200. I only want to use AmigaSYS for A1200, only! I don't want to install BASIC Commodore workbench nor AmiKit, I want AmigaSYS. I don't think I have the older version of AmigaSYS for Amiga 1200, please Dary go online soon. I am your biggest fan and I love your AmigaSYS a lot. I will refuse to use my Amiga 1200 without AmigaSYS installed into it...refuse.

Also I love visiting your website a lot, I visit it daily, I pray you return soon...we need you here in the Amiga community, you are important to the Amiga community and you are kicking AmiKit in the butt!! * giggle *
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