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Originally Posted by Aby$$ View Post
Then another copyparty, a serious amount of alc, met up with Hobbs (irish guy cant remember names) Ashley, Dreamwarrior (James - Methanoid now?).. There was Jens there from TSL, Clacka (?) etc.. got introduced to drinking a serious amount of Beer coz of the Irish there and at some point, all the above people and Cyrus Corp members, became TSL (Silents) UK... (apart from Jens (not sure of his handle) of TSL and Jester (Colin) of Quartex.)
Dreamwarrior was called James but he could barely see his own nose he was so blind.

yes, I am James and yes I was a sysop but no, my handle wasn't Dream Warrior. I was in Quartex and DW was never.

Jester/Colin, yeah I rememeber him. Only met him once tho... I wonder what happened to all the guys I knew...
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