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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Thanks, this post is one of the few that actually made me snigger. Not a full blown laugh but a good honest snigger. Naive, but funny!!!
It's not naive. What do you think will get us closer to our destination:
1. Constant criticism and negativity.
2. A positive encouraging outlook.

Do you remember that whole 'Bye...' saga which started because the developer of TLSFMem had enough of the negativity of an Amiga user? Did the comments of that Amiga user help us in the long run? Hell f*cking no!

No one asked the Thomas Hirsch to start the Natami project, but now we know about it should we should be glad he's got this far and hope that something tangible comes out of it. That is not naivety.

@all thinking about ASIC stuff
These companies may be able to offer us affordable ASIC options for future Natami revisions:
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