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Somewhere in the loft I have boxes of disks from back then.

I really should dig them all out to see if I can get some of my graphics off them, if they still read.

I know about a year ago I did some searches for "the silents" or "TSL" and found some of my logo's in screenshots on websites.

There is also a game I worked on with a couple fantastic coders that was almost completed but never released.. I was telling them a year or so ago we should finish it, it was a scrolling 16 million colour game with ham bobs without fringing.. basicly an air hocky game, with lots of 3d graphics and lightwave rendered scrolling tables with images a bit like a pinball table.. all working in a standard a1200.

The annoying thing was that back in the day, TSL-UK had some talented people in it, but, the person in charge, kinda kept contact details of members under his hat, so that people had to go through him.. at copy parties we mostly got drunk, coded some stuff and were not organised enough to swap contact details.. so, with all the hassles of actually doing anything and the block of having someone getting in the way of making some demos and intro's.. nothing happened..

It was still fun though.

Also in the mix at one point, I am sure some back biting started and somehow some of us ended up in Scoopex.. I think I found out by reading a welcome message in one of comrade J's sine scrollers welcoming us to Scoopex, yet I didnt know it had happened.

I am a bit disapointed in ComradeJ being an expert witness in screwing someone over in the scene though... If it was T.I.W I could have understood it, he was always a bit of a hand grenade personality!
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