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WOW, so glad to see this thread open!

Its 3am on a friday night and I have just been surfing through my old history.

Was a computnet pest in the 1980's with the handle Jonn and user ID JM41 on the commodore 64... Managed to wangle my own phone line at 15 (BT didnt ask my age) and proceeded to run up one £600 phone bill after another! Used to sell blank (of course me'lord) floppy disks to pay the bills. But it was worth it, used to hang out with a who's who of the c64 demo scene back then.

A guy some of you may know on here and another cnetter Sinbad (Dave) got me into doing graphics for his group SECS (south east cracking service) with Starr (Simon) and Axeman (Dave)... I think SECS achieved BUGGER all.. apart from we got drunk some times at Sinbads mums flat in london... I did some graphics under the name ABY$$

Then on the Amiga scene by 1988 and at a copyparty at Sinbads after a pcw or commodore show I found myself sitting next to the brother of my best friend as a little kid I had not seen for about 5 years who had grown up (and outwards) to become Robotron (Paul)... anyway, Robotron took over SECS and it Became Cyrus Corp, which made lots of noises and.... achieved BUGGER all.. Although we all did some coding, I did some graphics and logos.. some fonts.. dont know if they ever turned into anything.

During this time.. I went to some copy parties, did graphics for coders.. I remember a slipstream party here in Bournemouth which was... hmm.. well you had to be there.

Then another copyparty, a serious amount of alc, met up with Hobbs (irish guy cant remember names) Ashley, Dreamwarrior (James - Methanoid now?).. There was Jens there from TSL, Clacka (?) etc.. got introduced to drinking a serious amount of Beer coz of the Irish there and at some point, all the above people and Cyrus Corp members, became TSL (Silents) UK... (apart from Jens (not sure of his handle) of TSL and Jester (Colin) of Quartex.)

Then I did a massive amount of graphics for whoever asked for them in TSL.. some of them got used in Demo's and intro's sometimes with my signature of ABY$$ sometimes the fricking coder trimmed it off!!

Then I found myself doing graphics for "the Edge" or Softek as they were known for games like Punisher (lame) on the Amiga and ST, and Snoopy for the CDTV.. Sometimes I even got paid, but mostly I got conned out of money... Sinbad, Jester and Dreamwarrior (i think) also did music for Edge at one point.

At some point in all this I had a call once from Digital illusions (TSL) to do graphics for their games, but didnt think it would come to anything so passed... then they released Pinball Dreams and Pinball fantasies.. which kinda pissed me off for not taking them seriously.

Did some graphics work for Psygnosis.. got paid..

Spent a year doing graphics for a game called Cardiaxx and other projects for electronic zoo and got royally screwed (they owed me and Axeman about £150,000 by the time they screwed us over)

Rereleased Cardiaxx with Team-17.. got screwed again!


Its still a special part of my history and sad I didnt keep in touch with everyone on the scene... So if your any of the people above, I would love to hear from you!

Ahh.. happy (but financially crap) days back then.
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