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Eek what brings us...

what brings us the future for amiga,is it really over are there no new games anymore for the amiga 1200?
i mean we have clickboom and others,but for most of the games you need updated hardware...
no games no more from team 17 like for example p x2,alien breed,and others...
the bitmapbrothers with xenon 3,chaos engine 3,....
maybe i'm dreaming,but i think it is the wish for everyone here on the amiga board!!!
what the hell they can bring them out on cd,i think tell w'll sell too,games like xenon 3, project x2, or 1943 the next wave...
i think 2d is best there is,i have ps2 almost all games are 3d,nothing against it but give me 2d games.
what about gods 2 or another strike game like nuclear or train strike what the hell...
guy's it's only a dream,but be honest,it wood be nice..
if have seen turrican,a new one i hope that we w'll see it,look for amiga websites!!!

so thats all folks,i can go on and on and on,but what do you think?

thx for any reaction!!!

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