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Originally Posted by StevenJGore View Post
Having said that, I sold an Amiga 500 for £115 a couple of weeks ago. I started at 99p with no reserve and just let the auction run. It went for what somebody was prepared to pay for it. That's how auctions work!
I got my A500 for free from an old-timer who was shocked and happy to see that there were young people still interested in old machines like the Amiga. It came with a power supply, 2 external disk drives, a bag full of random floppies (mosty Fish Disks), a 1080 monitor, a bunch of old books, a 512K trapdoor expansion and a box of dead 500s for repair parts. He would have given me an A2500 (a 2000 with a bundled 020 or 030 expansion) but he couldn't find the expansion card and I didn't have room for what amounted to an A500 in a bigger case.

A got a Commodore 128D (basically a C128 in an A1000 case) the same way, but my parents made me get rid of it

To me, that is what the hardware scene SHOULD be like: those who no longer have an interest giving their old stuff to those who do. Sadly, it seems like not everyone agrees.
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