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I loved your description of your fav genre, blackcornflake ... great reading

I like nearly all genres... Strategy games, Flight Simulators and RPGs are the kind of games I stay most of time, but even in those genres, there are games I like A LOT (Fragille Allegiance, Knights of the Sky and Shining Force are examples of each genre, and I just LOVE those three games)

My fav genre is no doubt, the Shoot'em up.
In second, it comes the puzzles
and in third, the platformers ...

I also love 3D Space Combat games, like Epic , Freespace or X-wing ... I still haven't played a game that I think it would be like a "real" space combat, but Freespace 2 demo I played came VERY close to it.

I nevet got much into the Wing Commander series, though.../
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