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Hi here is a link to amiga in the box.
Be sure to read all the help or guide files there its pretty simple even for a newbie as i was half year ago.
I have also have trouble whit the saved games on both monkey 1 and 2.
I tried diffrent verisions off both winuae,dosuae and fellow whit adf and hd installs both pc folders and emulated hd.
I downloaded 5-10 diffrent games from the net and nothing worked on my computer but everything worked on my friends computer wich is precise same computer as i have.:hoo
Then 1 day after 2 months i decided to try 1 more time.
Idownloaded the latest verision of winuae and while i download it and some more stuff i got bored of wating so i tryed whit the old i haved installed and it worked.
After that i have tryed 5 diffrent ver of winuae.
All work now but never before and i have not installed any hardware or software or any prg or games under this 2 months.
I was working on the car and moved and stared a new work driving trucks so i was away monday - tursday and weekend working on the car and party.
So My advice turn off your computer for 2-3 months and then it will work:laugh :laugh
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