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Originally Posted by amiga View Post
Please, guys, go to or to express your fanaticism!
I thought EAB was fanatics-free!
Never been there, but knowing my local fanatic sites (exec, anyone? ...) I think MOS is not welcome there, because... it's not AOS.

Anyways, what ever gave you the idea someone or anyone here is a fanatic?
I mean come on!
This is an English Amiga Board!
An AMIGA board!
You know, that long-lost-in-the-past humble little computer that we wasted more than half of our lives on?
All we do here, is pray to our lovely Amy's, buy hardware that's overpriced 20 times, build our own equipment using various hardware based on schematics found on the net, code proggies&games... and play games.
Is that fanatism? Come on...
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