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Re: Reader Warning: Only for those who like reading my rantings on Amiga softography!

Originally posted by Shadowen
Tom & Jerry II (think this was simply perhaps a "bugfixed" or enhanced version of Tom & Jerry- Can anyone confirm? Andreas? Retroman?)
Thanks for that list, dude! I will check it out. What, have you got a database or something?

As for TOM & JERRY 2, this one has always been an anomaly to me. I have copies of this game and for the life of me, cannot see any difference between it and TOM & JERRY. But I don't believe it is fake, either, because I have seen the box for the game in the store before, so I know it's a real release. And I have seen the game somewhere on a different platform and it's still the same thing. So your theory makes perfect sense (and is perhaps the only logical explanation, even if calling it '2' is still an enigma!)
I can confirm that Operation Spruance (aka USS John Young 2?) was *not* a Magic Bytes creation. I own the original and it is © 1990 by Parsec Software. However, Magic Bytes did produce North Sea Inferno (aka Persian Gulf Inferno).
The information I have (my database) indicates Operation Spruance (the 1990 US release) is published by Parsec, but the UK release (USS John Young 2) is published by Magic Bytes (in 1991). I'll re-check this info, however.
The other thing I've noticed is that for some games the credits have listed micro-partner and/or Magic Bytes and/or reLine and/or Axxiom. I'm guessing that Magic Bytes, reLine and perhaps Axxiom were sub-labels of the parent company, micro-partner. Increasing my suspicion about this is that the copy protection on reLine and Axxiom games seems to be quite similar to that of Magic Bytes, despite the credits revealing no collaboration with Magic Bytes on these games. Also, a compilation called Goldrush published by micro-partner includes games by Magic Bytes, reLine and Axxiom as well as themselves.

As a side note, the US releases of games by these German software houses were almost exclusively done by Digitek Software.
Yeah, initially on my list above, I had all the reLine and DigiTek, etc. references, but just before I hit the Submit Reply button, I swiped them off because I didn't think anyone cared.
Hope I haven't bored people too much with this post. Wish my memory for this sort of useless trivia was as good as for the more important things that I need to remember!!
Memory?!? If you pulled all of that out just from memory, then I am impressed. I have a modified version of the Marines chant: Without my database, I am useless.

Hey, always glad to get more info and to close the gap on existing's very useful for the upcoming HOL. So thanks again!
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