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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Its rather obvious how bad piracy was on the SNES when I can see lots of people listing Chrono Trigger as a favourite, as I recall, it was Jap/US release only, not Euro.
Same for Final Fantasy and lots of PRG's. But have you ever seen this :

I really had Final Fantasy II (4 in Japan), Final Fantasy III (6 in Japan) and Chrono Trigger as a cartridge back then and used the adapter to play them. Mine needed a PAL cartridge to be placed together with the US game in the adapter. So it was possible to legally play US releases here in Europe

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
And don't forget we are on Amiga's forum and I believe many still believe that piracy (and not people like Bill McEwen ) killed Amiga.
Mythbusters should make an episode about that
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