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A couple of oddites..

When I ran the new version for the first time it wanted to detect the 16bit Pixel format, I said yes and then WinUAE crashed?

If I select no WinUAE runs fine, and the strange thing is that if I choose to detect the 16 bit by the checker in the display menu then it works fine??

The other odd one is that I can't use the Vsync, I read the readme and Toni lists a GF2 and drivers version 27.32. Mine is a GF3 and the latest 28.?? drivers from Nvidia.

I'm running it under Win98SE, its a Elsa Gladiac 920 GF3, a P4 1700 and an SB 5.1...Oh, also DiecctX 8.1 is on the machine..

Just seems weird I can't Vsync??

Removed the joy?

I'd have thought the card would support the needed settings..Maybe not??
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