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I do not have a particular genre as a favourite; a game with that certain x-factor will become a favourite. It depends on my mood what I might feel like playing.

What I have noticed, though, is a tendency towards a certain type of game, which I will attempt to describe:

Simple in concept: hit ball with bat, blast aliens, drive car as fast as possible, drop rocks on orks' heads...

Non-linear, so I guess that explains my allergy to RPGs in the main. And arcade adventures...(old-fashioned term there).

Minimal lateral thinking required. I never was any cop at Dizzy.

Repetitive (in the "football match" sense), i.e. on paper, any football match is essentially the same as any that has preceded it.
Never, ever will a team start with 12 players, or a goal half the dimensions of the opposition's.

But of course (as in football) there is scope for an infinity of possibilities within that rigid framework. Maybe 'modular' is a better word. Play is broken up into segments.

All this comes together to form a game like Slamtilt, or Sensi Soccer, or Guardian (of course)

Phew, I hope that makes sense!
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