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Originally Posted by microslave View Post
Hey viddi, that's truly awesome! Such a cool idea! When I get home tomorrow I'll throw everything I'm playing now onto a heap a start replaying some Amiga tunes.
And this might also turn into a kind of personal trivia challenge: Some tunes from old Amiga times come to your mind, you start to play and try to guess at the same time, which game, demo or else this was from
Great inspiration for some long piano nights, thanks so much. There are so many fantastic amiga songs that are truly worth being replayed!!!
Originally Posted by Davka View Post
Niiiice! Big thanks to you, viddi
Originally Posted by laffer View Post
Listening to Shadow of the Beast at the moment... love it!
Originally Posted by El_Patas View Post
This is really cool, nice, beautiful! great work viddi
I like more
Originally Posted by k@leid View Post
Originally Posted by aof View Post
I was visiting the official Lethal Xcess Website and found a link to your interpretation of the main theme. Man, hearing and recalling that tune, so nicely played in the piano, almost made me cry. Registered here just to comment. I played LX on the Atari ST (yes, here we had an ST not an amiga) quite a few years ago. Some good memories. Good to know there are people like me who like a lot of aspects of the games like their music.
Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
I haven't been lurking well enough, only just stumbled on this thread.

Quality piano playing and renditions.

Can't wait to get them all and have a good old listen on headphones.

Keep up the excellent work

p.s Laser

Hey guys.

Thank you so much for your kind words.
I´m so happy...Vielen, vielen Dank
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