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Re: My Amiga catch of the week

Originally posted by Pyromania

For $70 I got

1. An A600 PAL w/220 Watt PS + bad floppy drive(No big deal I had an A500 Applied Engeering PS laying around and a good floppy drive).

2. A1200 motherboard without Kickstart ROMS

3. NTSC GVP G-Lock genlock w/ original box, floppy & docs.

The guy I got this from is a pretty cool Amiga guy and he still has his A4000 with Video Toaster (He is keeping that system).

I also had to give him 2 copies of my Pyromania software but that is no problem for me since I developed it.

Did I get a good deal guys?
You got a real good deal, so good actually I'll be dreaming about getting that lot of amiga hardware for that price ... Lucky you! .. Enjoy the h/w!!

Good catch indeed.
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