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The best 3d platformers were done for this console
and RARE have made the best titles

my favorites:

Banjo tooie -- the best game on the N64--finished
Banjo kazooie -- first game that I finished
Conker bad fur day --the second best on the N64..finished

another very good titles:

Donkey kong--finished
earthworm jim 3d --finished
rayman 2- finished
diddy kong racing
super mario 64 --finished
Jet force gemini --finished
Zelda OOT -- Im trunked also IM playing this game
40 winks --Im playing at the moment
Tonic trouble --IM playing

but also I like this titles

waverace 64
Castlevania 1 & 2
starfox 64
micromachines 64

high quality game titles !!
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