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Just tried 0.8.21R3...

Doesn't allow me to set refresh rate or enable vsync. Running with previous config (from 0.8.21R1):

720x576, 16-bit, 60Hz (screen refresh actually 50Hz, though)
Line mode Doubled

Using this same config with 0.8.21R1, I can get vsync just by enabling it through DirectX. It works very well when the screen refresh is set to 50Hz through a utility called Powerstrip. However, after a period of time, the sound always begins to fall out of sync or something, and won't recover until you enter/exit the GUI. So, I just run 0.8.21R1 at 50Hz with DirectX vsync off, and I get smooth scrolling and sound, but with occasional tearing. Good enough for me!

I tried the same setup with 0.8.21R3, but it didn't perform as well. I tried disabling Powerstrip and restarting, but no. I don't want to mess with my DirectX settings, because I just reinstalled my OS last week and my PC's in that great, prime, virgin state, you know?

And, all of the above is true at 60Hz/720x480/NTSC settings, too.
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