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A quick analysis of Sonic Boom (c) Activision:

Game area: 256 x 193 (equivalent of 16 tiles wide x 12 and a pixel high)
Double buffered display (buffer 1 = $70000, buffer 2 = $78000)
16 colours at all times (4 bitplanes), no sprites, modulo = 120
(Game stores a row of each of the 4 bitplanes in turn, then the next row of data)
Game redraws the entire display each update, there are no clever scroll tricks or copper split (no doubt due to ST compatibility)
Display is switched every 3 frames, so runs at ~17fps (PAL). You can alter the frame rate in WinUAE as follows:
W 117b x
Where x = (frames - 1) to wait before updating display, defaults to 2 (meaning a screen refresh every 3 frames = 17 fps). To update every 2 frames, W 117b 1 so 25 fps update. Game runs fine on level 1 at 25fps most of the time, but when there are loads of baddies and bullets it will slow.
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