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You don't seem to be pig-headed about X2 like some others here are, so I was wondering if you would deign to explain to me some things...

(By the way, I agree that Battle Squadron is a superior shmup overall, but I disagree on the old "style over substance" thing regarding X2.
The game does have substance; it just happens to also have a lot of style, thanks to the superior graphics assets.
It seems fashionable to dismiss X2 on these forums, but I doubt some of these gamers would have denounced it, back in the day...)

Anyway... if you would deign to answer these few points for me, I would be grateful:

1. Do Battle Squadron sprites and backgrounds really have more colours? I think my eyes might be deceiving me. The tonal gradation looks rather... garish.
2. Is there really more going on in Battle Squadron, and how so?
3. Who did code X2. Were they lazy coders who could easily have made it 50 FPS like Toni asserts, or is he perhaps drawing a long bow?
4. How many layers of parallax does BS have?

Please excuse my ignorance, Galahad.

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