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Yeah, we might talk about more enjoyable games. My main problem with Xenon 2 is that they didn't do it right... apart from the scrolling, the collision detection is so bad it's unplayable. To me. It's a basic and vital function in shooters.

Also, it's so darn easy to make correct scrolling, just reserve a little larger than visible bitmap - to scroll in X just calc scrollreg value 0-15 and word offs, and draw any newly appearing tiles in the margin. For vertical scrolling, just add to the bitmap pointers and insert a split in the copper. For a footie field, race track etc just make a big bitmap

Dunno why some coders used less simple and less efficient routines. Maybe because one has to think about how to scroll the level before you start and sometimes the gfx artist's mouse finger itches? And coder wants to 'get something on screen quickly'.

Another reason might be easy (lazy) cross platform ports, I know Bitmap Bros wrote their games so ST versions would be as good as the Amiga versions so they could use the same code. And Graftgold didn't want to use all rastertime because they wanted the games to run in the US, so they went half framerate.

And about large bitmaps, I believe Marble Madness does that, but it's written in c. Blood Money might,too. I think each level seems all the bigger for the extreme slowness of the scroll

Hybris has 50 fps sprites and Battle Squadron has 25 fps ones (except shots?). The scroll is slow, less than 1px/frame, which means scroll code can be skipped every other frame, and makes it appear as 25 fps. Which is as perfect as it can be, since you can't scroll half a pixel.

X-Out and Z-Out are nice I think.
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