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Originally Posted by alphonsus View Post
The human eye's persistence of vision (hence POVray) is 24FPS, anything faster is processed by the brain to seem like fluid motion.
False. Unfortunately this myth always pops up when talking about frame rates

(Difference between 25fps and 50fps is huge, just try any games listed above..)

I'm no expert, but a movie uses two 25 FPS interlaced half-images in even/odd lines to show one second of film. How does it work in Computer games? The same way?

What's exactly the difference between 50 FPS games like Turrican and 25 FPS games like Gods or Wolfchild, in a technical/programmer aspect? Or use these games simply 2x12,5 FPS half-images to show 25 FPS?
50 fps game: update screen, wait for vblank (if screen updating took too long = 25fps temporarily)

25 fps game: update screen, wait until 2 vblanks have passed since screen updating started.

= No difference except waiting method.. (of course this was very minimal example, doublebuffering, AI etc.. not included)

50FPS on PAL is basically "312p". It is "interlaced" but both odd and even frames have exactly same position and length.

C pile of crap.... pffff the only interest to code in C is that it's hard to crack....
it's too slow...
C isn't much slower than assembler if you know what are you doing and don't need special assembly tricks.

I am quite sure you can do 50fps Xenon 2 even in C. That was lazy coding..
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