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Post Strange problem with NewIcons and Visualprefs

Well I refreshed my install and everything seems to be working fine except TWO things:

1 - Visualprefs hangs the system whenever a window is opened. Funny, I never got Visualprefs to run in my machine

2 - Newicons causes a strange problem. Whenever I change the resolution of my screen with Screenmode Prefs, Intuition closes the windows, workbench included of course, to make the change but it never opens them back. I have to reset the machine and, if I saved the changes, everything is fine, if not, I have to do it again.

I know the second problem has to do with NewIcons because if I disable it this does not happen.

Patches I have in the startup(in order of appearance):
- Setpatch
- Patchcontrol
- PatchOpenWB
- Fblit
- CAPrefs (ClassAct)
- NewIcons
- defIcons

- MultiCX (runs from WBStartup)

I tried deactivating all but still no bananas. newIcons is causing this problem and Visualprefs, well, no fucking idea, it is running FINE in my emulator setup, but NOT in the Amiga. Actually, this whole setup runs fine i the emu, without touching anything, but it's doing this strange thing in the Amiga.

OK, any ideas? I ran NewIcons before in my system without problems so something must be wrong now. Perhaps I have an old version ? I got Newicons46.

I can't remember if I had any other patches in my old config.

any help apreciated!

PS: could it be my version of Setpatch? I remember having some issues with this. I got the one that came in WB, I tried to load a new one from Aminet (SetPatch37) but it said it was older than the one I have.

Kickstart 3.0
WB 3.0
A1230XA 030@50 w32MB Fast
CF drive with SFS

Emulator used for setup: E-UAE

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