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Cannot install Workbench to HD? Read here

I have found that a lot of Workbenchs on the net are NOT incomplete, but when you try to install them in your HD (most commonly, using a virtual drive in a folder in your system instead of an HDF), the install will crash when trying to copy Locale files.

This is due to the files with strange characters like ñ, é, å, etc... Seems like the emulator does not support writing of these characters onto a virtual HD.

I thought I'd post that because it will help a lot of people and debunk the myth of "Workbench disks in the net which are incomplete".

Try to use an HDF or just use a manual install and skip copying the Locale files. Who needs them anyway :P
You will get this error with any software that has catalogs in languages with "strange" characters in their filenames.
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