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well . . . the machines I would like are . . . most of the Atari 8 bit machines (400, 800, 600XL,XE), a sam coupe, a dragon 32 or 64, any amigas (especially A3000 an A4000 but really would love a A4000T), Commodore Pet, Commodore C64GS, Commodore CDTV, Jupiter Ace, A fully working Sega Genesis Nomad! (Mine is poorly!), Sega 32x, Sega MegaCD, any megadrive games as I don't have many!, Acorn Atom, Amstrad CPC664, Amstrad CPC6128, Amstrad GX4000, Apple II, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Jaguar CD + Games (and any cartridges), Atari ST (Mine has a poorly keyboard), colecovision, Oric 1, Oric Atmos, MSX 1, MSX 2, Phillips Videopac G7000, any Neo-Geo stuff! phew I think that is about it! lol!
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