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Z (still waiting for clickboom to port it... ;P)
Super Turrican 1 & 2 (btw, anybody up to a Turrican4 with ST2 ripped gfx? ;P)
AGA version of Loom, Zak McKraken, Monkey Island 1&2, Fate of Atlantis
(VGA/FMTowns/whatever 256 color versions already exist after all!)
Sam&Max, Full Throttle, The Dig
AGA version of Pinball Dreams (the PC VGA edition is out there too, so...)
Pinball Illusions' "The Vikings" missing table ;P
Settlers2 \o/
<insert random arcade conversion here>
Chrono Trigger (best oldskool JRPG imho - ok, just the only one I've ever played! ;D)
Magician Lord, Wind Jammers (and s*tloads of other NeoGeo games...)
Eye Of The Beholder III
Urban Strike

OMG, 1st post ever after years of lurking!

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