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Originally Posted by Kinetic View Post
The custom picture levels - "special" levels as the game calls them - are just basically ordinary levels that have no ground on them, just objects, with a parameter set in the levelfile telling the game to load an ILBM off the disk to use as a level image. I suppose I could stick the option in the editor to set special number, though TBH it's just as easily done in a hex editor ;-)
add the option... you know you want to!

Regarding the DOS version, no I don't believe it has 2-player, but since it uses the same levelfile format as the Amiga, you should be able to make 2-player levels in the DOS editor without a problem.

i was thinking it might make it difficult to add the player 2 entrances / exits.

i'm looking forward to watching development of this. For me it's one of the most exciting new amiga projects i've seen in a long time. (i would say that, i was one of the 8 or whatever it was people who registered the Lemmings 2 editor!)
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