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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
havent got time to read the whole thread, but i am desperate for a Lemmings 1 level editor, in order to create more 2-player levels!

i hope this project might provide a solution. something that ripped the files, (use the imager slave from the WHDload version? if it uses disk images, then i know the JST install rips files!) then patched appropriately (like lemmings 2 editor) does seem a good solution to the copyright issues.
In that case you're in luck. I already have a working level editor, of sorts - it loads and saves levels fine, renders them pixel-perfectly, and lets you move items about... I just haven't got round to letting you add, delete or change properties of items yet. But it won't be too long. :-)

If you're desperate, however, there already exists a level editor for the DOS version, which conveniently uses the exact same levelfile format. You'll just need to be able to compress them with Lemmings' custom compression format before the Amiga version will load them. Luckily, I also have a compressor/decompressor, thanks to a good friend of mine who reverse-engineered the compression format from the Archimedes version (yet another version that shares most of the same datafiles :-) )
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