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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I didn't mean the custom filesystem, I meant the custom disk format. Those are 2 different things. =) I.e. the tracks on the Lemmings disk may have a different length/sync compared to standard Amiga DOS tracks (this is a form of copy protection). That's why there is a custom loader inside the game which is able to read these non-standard tracks.

Edit: and the IPF images are complete dumps of the original disks, with all the copy protection etc. left intact which is why you could not read them either.
Right you are. That's kind of what I meant, but when I was saying "Copylock" I meant "the copy protection in general", as I wasn't aware the game used more than one kind.

Assuming I know nothing about the /physical/ details of disk formats, how does such a system get going? Presumably the bootblock is readable by the code in ROM and it then contains enough custom load code necessary to read the next stage from somewhere else on the disk?
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