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Originally Posted by Kinetic View Post
OK, apologies if it's I who have misunderstood you, but I think you might have misunderstood me. :-) I am assuming here that by "custom disk format" you are referring to the custom filesystem in use on the disks, instead of a standard filesystem understood by AmigaDOS.
I didn't mean the custom filesystem, I meant the custom disk format. Those are 2 different things. =) I.e. the tracks on the Lemmings disk may have a different length/sync compared to standard Amiga DOS tracks (this is a form of copy protection). That's why there is a custom loader inside the game which is able to read these non-standard tracks.

Edit: and the IPF images are complete dumps of the original disks, with all the copy protection etc. left intact which is why you could not read them either.

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