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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
The problem is not related to the Copylock protection. Lemmings doesn't use standard disk format thus you can't read it without using the original custom loader. So again: Rip/Disassemble the loader from the game and you can read the disks/files. After all, the game needs to read its own files so there must a be a loader able to handle it somewhere in the game.
OK, apologies if it's I who have misunderstood you, but I think you might have misunderstood me. :-) I am assuming here that by "custom disk format" you are referring to the custom filesystem in use on the disks, instead of a standard filesystem understood by AmigaDOS.

I am aware that it uses a custom filesystem. I've known how this works for some time, and I already have a tool capable of extracting from and rebuilding disks in this format. When I say "I am unable to read from the original copies", I don't mean anything as naive as simply inserting them and being thwarted by their NDOSness. With the cracked ADF copies, I can happily read the raw data from the disk and get files out that way. But with the IPF disks, my (admittedly not extensive) attempts to read stuff have all thrown up errors. I have assumed that this is due to the Copylock.

Of course, the most ideal would be to be able to extract the info from the raw IPF data, from outside the emulator, the same as I am already doing with the ADFs.

I will go and look at the WHDLoad installer, though. (I've been using the other, JST-based HD installer for Lemmings :-)
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