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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I understood that, what I meant was this: You don't want to use any ripped code/data from Lemmings in your installer/data ripper, right? As otherwise you could just incorporate the original Lemmings loader in your ripper and your problem would be solved.
Oh, I see, sorry. Yeah, you're right - it would kind of defeat the point if I had to include original code to avoid including original code! However, so far all the conversion/editing tools I've written have been for Linux, and a hypothetical ADF-builder probably would be, too.

Either way, if the Lemmings DS guys can get away with blatantly including original level/graphics data without legal threats, I should probably be able to get away with either including original code, or else ripping from cracked disks (which are much easier to come by on the net anyhow).
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