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Originally Posted by Kinetic View Post
@StingRay: Yeah, I know all about the disk format, and already have my own ripper/rebuilder. I'm a lot further down the development process than that ;-)

However, I was only able to do this because I was working on the non-protected Skid Row cracked disks; the originals are protected. The reason I asked was, if I was going to need to require users to supply original disks to satisfy legal requirements, then I might have to require them to supply original protected ones... but looking at the replies I've had so far, it looks like I might be alright.

So the original Lemmings does use a custom disk format then I suppose? If so, you'd have to code your own trackloader (I assume you don't want to use ANY of the original Lemmings data/code in your own ripper ;D) which is able to read the Lemmings disks. Shouldn't be too hard to do, disassemble the original Lemmings loader and draw your own conclusions.
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