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Originally Posted by Kinetic View Post
Uh-huh. I suppose it would depend on what is meant by "do" in this case. I certainly don't intend to widely publicise or attempt to sell anything thus created. I'm doing this mostly for my own entertainment, and for my own love of the original game; however, I figure there might well be other people out there who would appreciate what essentially amounts to a new expansion pack. Sort of in the same vein as the level packs which are already available, except more... complete. :-) People on this forum and similar sites seem to share a lot of cracked games and related info, and don't seem to have too much trouble with the law, so just wondered how careful I need to be.

In case I do need to go down the data-extraction route, it'd be awesome if someone on here could give me a few pointers on the copy protection... ;-)

In the UK as far as software is concerned you are legally allowed to modify any programming code if it is to facilitate any new or required features for your use.

that being said, I am unsure on the legality of disseminating it. arguably as long as it did not contain ANY copyright data its fully legal.

copyrighted data would be any code as it stands at the moment, including art / music / level design

so if you made a bunch of new levels, that used data from the existing exe, as a standalone game then distributing this would be technically illegal, however if its on the Amiga a no longer supported platform i doubt Sony would come after you.

you could always ASK them

If however you released just a patch that contained only YOUR code and the code to add the levels / modifications to the original executable then that would be perfectly legal.
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