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Re: Disk2FDI & Custom Disk Formats

Originally posted by jmmijo
Just wondering if anyone has had any luck in creating a disk image from a custom disk formatted game, I have had no luck in doing so with one title, so far that is The name is Nightdawn by Magic Bytes/Innerprise (the US distributor). The disk label also shows micro-partner GmbH. I'm assuming this is Magic Bytes but you German folks would know more about this then I.

Anyways, disk2fdi reports only the boot track as normal AmigaDOS format and the others as non-standard or un-recognized formats.

Any help would be appreciated, I suppose now I'll get to working on it with my A4000 and nib-warp or something similar.
I was never able to get DISK2FDI to read non-standard tracks except for the occasional error-protected tracks, which I then fixed using a parameter copier in WinUAE. Otherwise it just hangs up on me on the non-standard disks.

Have you checked with the CAPS project about dumping copy protected disks on your Amiga?
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