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Ya' like it Retr0?
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in a word my fellow developer..... "lemmings-esque"

Welcome to the EAB, there plenty of mischief to get up to around here so wheren you get some time, kick back, relax and enjoy the retr0-coated yummyness that this fair board provides

Now legally standing As long as you don't use any of the original art, music, source code, maps, theres nothing that they can do.... the truth is lemmings is a ripoff of a couple of games i cant be bothered to rack my brains over on the CBM64..

so yeah... lemmings-ish is a better way to look at it....

personally i HATE lemmings, but if you add some funny cut scenes (like worms on the psx) and 2 player action then maybe i would be up for it....
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