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As a software/OS company AI will have to do a little more than establish a net presence with periodic media releases or be seen briefly at computer/digital entertainment shows shaking hands with a few of the big boys. If they want true market penetration and recognition from the average PC or PDA user, then they will have to engage in aggressive open market advertising. Unfortunately, that costs a lot of money and AI's legacy has never had any great track record with successful advertising. In today's technology markets it really matters little how good your product is if it doesn't sell (it didn't matter in years past either- e.g. VHS vs Betacord, Amiga vs PC etc.). If AI does not learn from BeOS's mistakes and try to establish a significant real world presence, then they are probably doomed for failure.

In any case, the market that AI is trying to attract currently has no great interest for me. I don't own any PDA's, not even a mobile phone. I'm more interested in the activities of Eyetech, Hyperion, bPlan and MorphOS with respect to Amiga hardware/OS developments.
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