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The X-Box is pathetic. If they take over the market, which I doubt, you can expect gaming to be over.

Man, I'd even buy a PS2 before an X-Box. NOw that the Dreamcast production has stopped, the PS2 seems to be getting a rosier lineup of games. We'll see, I still think the Gamecube would be my new console of choice.

Laundro, was the bit about patches ironic? Because I don't find any goodness in having to buy a game to patch it afterwards... I men, fuck, erlease teh game when it's complete. Quality assurance is a MUST a lot of developers don't take into account, specially in the PC 'games' market. Nintendo should up their quality assurance a bit in the US, they are being too leunant (mispeleld for sure) in the GBA section, just like they were with the GBC (which got one cool game after 30 crap ones)
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